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Why We Do It:

We started our journey, about 10 years ago, looking for products on the market that really were truly "chemical free" and yet what we discovered was an array of problamatic products that made inaccurate claims with their ingredients. Most of the products we found were saturated with dyes, perfumes, fragrances, toxins, parabens and the list goes on. Now, you may ask, why we even start looking into the journey of chemical free products in the first place?

Well, you see, the developer of our products, had very sensitive skin issues for many many years and it was extremely difficult to find products that did not contain harsh elements, that our developer was even able to use.

It became more and more apparent that she needed to find a solution for not only herself, but for many others who suffered from harsh ingredients as well. Being a compassionate person and always wanting to help others feel better about themselves, "Pure Skin Direct" was born. That launched our first ever, sensitive skin "bath bomb". Then we developed a Whipped Body Souffle that is the most amazing skin softening moisturizer, on the least we think so! 

From there, we decided to dig further into exfoliation products and decided that our Organic Honey Beads were going to be added into the next amazing exfoliating product! Salt and even sugar scrubs are very abrasive and can actually scratch the surface layers of the skin, which can promote premature aging and even scarring. Honey Beads are softer, yet do an amazing gentle exfolation that leaves skin amazingly smooth and radiant!

We take great pride in our entire line of products that deliver the best outcomes for people with sensitive skin. We have received many great compliements and our customers love the products. We are truly confident that you will too! Total Pure Organics cares about each and every single customer and wants nothing but the very best in skincare for you!